Superglove Volt class 1

These cement-dipped rubber gloves from Safeline® offer excellent protection against electrical hazards. With two options available (500v or 1000v resistant), these gloves are ideal for those working or supplying into the automotive and utilities industries.

  • Cement-dipped natural rubber electrical insulating gloves
  • Excellent dielectric protection from the thinnest possible glove
  • The cement dipping manufacturing technique allows the gloves to be made as thin as possible, greatly improving dexterity and feel
  • Patented manufacturing technology increases ozone resistance and improves shelf life compared with standard latex gloves
  • The Ergonomic ‘hand at rest’ shape minimises hand fatigue
  • Flared cuff design allows room for users clothing
  • R/C Rated offering enhanced resistance against acids, o-zone, low temperatures and oil.
  • Available in sizes 8-11

EN 60903:2003 Class 00

Class 00
Max V = 500V
Thickness: 0.55mm
Length: 36cm