Stand Out Image
Stand Out Image

Are you looking to add your business or care company logo to your garments?

Adding your company or business logo to your garments will help create and reinforce your company’s professional image as well as helping your valued carers and employees feel part of your company.

Adding embroidered logos onto your garments also helps to build brand awareness and trust in your company. All the best companies & organisations add professional logos to their garments. High-quality embroidered garments demonstrate to both your employees and customers that you are a high-quality organisation that takes pride in the way you look and operate.

We can embroider your garments for as little as £3.00* per garment. Simply call us now on 01173 252199 or email us at 

*  Embroidery discounts are available for larger embroidered order - call us now on 0117 52 32 199 for further details

** Please note that all garments shown on our website are priced as plain garments (ie. excluding embroidery) **


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Is there a minimum order size for embroidered garment orders?

We usually request a minimum order size of 12 garments.

Is there a charge for digital visuals of our logo on different colored or types of garments?

We never charge for digital visuals; ask for as many as you need. 😊

Is there a set-up fee for digitizing our logo ready for embroidery?

No, all logo setups are completely free of charge. 😊

Is there a charge for the logo swatch sample?

Other companies might charge you for logo samples, but all our samples are free.

Is there a charge for actual embroidered garment samples?

We never charge for embroidered garment samples; let us know how many samples you need to make your final decision.

Is it just embroidered logos that you provide, or can you also print onto polo shirts, jackets, bags, etc.?

We also offer a “Full Print Service.” Some logos that are larger, for example, on the backs of polo shirts or jackets, look better printed. Call us now on 0117 32 52 199 for personalized advice.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

"Absolutely impressed with the quality of embroidery! The attention to detail is unmatched. Our logo looks stunning on the uniforms. Great job, Mister Uniform!"

- Emily Johnson

"The embroidery service exceeded my expectations. The team at Mister Uniform delivered on time, and the craftsmanship is top-notch. Highly recommend for anyone looking for professional embroidery."

- Michael Anderson

"Mister Uniform provides exceptional embroidery services. The intricate details in our company logo were perfectly captured. The finished products look polished and professional. Will be a repeat customer!"

- Sarah Thompson