7 Ways To Save On Staff Uniform Costs In 2024!

  • 6 May 2024
  • David Pinnock

In today's economic climate, marked by increasing costs and the rising prices of essentials, finding ways to save costs without compromising on quality has become vital for the success of your care business. One area where cost savings can be found is in the procurement of your staff uniforms.

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1. Opt for Mid-Priced Uniform Brands:

A reputable uniform supplier will be able to show you an extensive array of affordably priced garments from reputable but mid-range uniform brands. Take, for instance, our Uneek or Orn care uniform brands, which offer excellent quality at a fraction of the cost compared to premium brands like Alexandra or Koi's lite range. Our "saver brands" truly live up to their name, ensuring you make significant savings without compromising on quality. A reliable uniform supplier should provide you with a wide selection of trusted uniform brands at varying price points, along with the provision of unlimited free garment samples, allowing you to assess quality and make informed decisions within your budgetary constraints.

2. Utilise Suppliers Offering Free Garment Samples:

While it may be tempting to hastily select "budget-friendly" garments from platforms like Amazon, exercising due diligence by opting for suppliers who offer complimentary sample garments is wise. This enables you to thoroughly evaluate the quality, conduct quick wash tests, and even trial the garments on wearers if necessary. Making uninformed decisions can prove costly in the long run, as garments of bad quality may necessitate premature replacements. Unlike online entities offering enticingly low prices but lacking in comprehensive customer service, we at Mister Uniform take pride in our ongoing sales and customer support, ensuring a seamless experience where you can interact with real personnel who prioritise your satisfaction.

3. Bulk Ordering for Better Prices:

Many uniform suppliers extend bulk order discounts, particularly when you're procuring uniforms for your entire care team or initiating a widespread rollout of new uniforms. By consolidating your order and purchasing in larger quantities, you stand to benefit from lower prices. Uniform companies often leverage their purchasing power to negotiate reduced costs from manufacturers. Whether you're ordering 20, 50, or more garments, enquire about bulk order discounts to maximise savings while outfitting your team professionally.

4. Compare "True" Pricing Across Suppliers:

Achieve great savings by carefully comparing the actual costs of garments from different suppliers. Some vendors may employ deceptive pricing tactics by quoting low initial garment prices, only to add on heavy additional charges for services like logo embroidery. Some companies will charge up to £7.00 for an embridered logo - Mister uniform never charge more than £3.00 per standard sized logo. To circumvent such pitfalls, compare quotations from two or three suppliers for identical garments and request fully itemised price quotations inclusive of VAT. At Mister Uniform, transparency is paramount, and we're committed to providing you with a detailed "all-in" uniform quotation, facilitating straightforward price comparisons.

5. Avoid Over-Engineered Garments:

Resist the temptation to splurge on over-engineered or premium brands if they surpass your operational requirements. While state-of-the-art features like four-way mechanical stretch and moisture-wicking fabrics may seem appealing, opting for simpler, classic styles can yield substantial cost savings without compromising functionality. For instance, many of our clients opt for high-quality polo shirts, which not only fulfill their needs but also come at a significantly lower price point compared to technologically advanced garments like stretch scrubs or care tunics. A reputable uniform supplier should prioritise understanding your specific requirements before presenting tailored garment options.

6. Prioritise Long-Term Relationships:

Cultivate a mutually beneficial partnership with a reliable uniform supplier who takes the time to comprehend your unique garment needs and financial constraints. By fostering a collaborative relationship founded on trust and open communication, you can streamline the uniform procurement process, saving time, minimizing hassle, and optimising expenditure. A supplier who genuinely invests in understanding your requirements can offer tailored solutions that align with your budgetary considerations, leading to substantial reductions in uniform costs over time.

7. Embrace Proactive Cost-Reduction Measures:

Beyond the initial procurement phase, explore proactive measures to continually minimize uniform-related costs. Implementing inventory management practices, such as regular stock audits to prevent overordering or stockpiling, can prevent unnecessary expenditure on garments. Additionally, prioritising garment longevity through proper care and maintenance, including adherence to manufacturer's washing instructions, can extend the lifespan of uniforms, reducing the frequency of replacements and associated costs.

In conclusion, strategic cost management in the procurement of staff uniforms is crucial for the financial sustainability and success of your care business. By implementing these seven smart strategies, ranging from prudent brand selection to fostering collaborative supplier relationships, you can effectively navigate the uniform procurement process while optimizing expenditure without compromising on quality or professionalism. At Mister Uniform, we're committed to empowering care businesses like yours with cost-effective uniform solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

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