7 Steps To Ensure Your Company Logo Looks Great On Your New Garments!

  • 28 April 2024
  • David Pinnock

What really sets your business apart is the ability to consistently project a high quality brand and ethos to your customers and stakeholders. With our full embroidery and printing service, we offer exciting customisation options that allow you to add your company or care company logo to your brand new garments. This branding will not only elevate your brand but also ensure you make a lasting impression on your customers and stakeholders. Your logo should match in with your new garments well and will help communicate your brands ethos and vision!

1) Select the right garment for your needs

Nearly all uniform garments can have a logo added to them but depending on the fabric type your uniform supplier may suggest that either a printed logo or embroidered logo would work better on certain types of fabric. For example fleece jackets always have to be embroidered as printed logos cannot be applied to fleece material. Care tunics, scrubs & polo shirts are usually embroidered (as the polycotton fabric is very durable and takes embroidery well). Also, the garment will need to last a long time and be washed multiple times so an embroidered logo is often very durable when applied to these particular fabrics

2) Send us your care company or business logo

Our customers usually send us a high quality file logo such as a pdf or JPEG or ai adobe illustrator type. The person who designed your company logo should be able to supply you with this - if you do not have a file of your logo please don't worry as your supplier will often also be able to work from a logo that you might have on your website.

3) Decide what position you would like your logo to go on your garments

Be clear with your supplier about where you would ideally like your logo to go. For example, on most polo shirts and poly-cotton garments your logo can be positioned either on the right hand side of the front of the garment or on the left hand side. A really good supplier will be able to advise you if the position you desire is possible. Positioning care company logos on the front right or left side of the garment is usually possible but occasionally a garment pocket or seam might be in the way. Logos can also look good on the back of a garment (for example a fleece or softshell jacket) but again your supplier can give you good advice on what is possible.

4) Ask your uniform supplier for a digital visual mock up

This is to show you how your logo will look on your garment. A really good supplier will be able to supply you with free unlimited digital visuals of how your care company or business logo will look on images of your garment. For example, you might want to look at your logo on different types or different colours of garment to see which garments or colour of garment your logo will work and look best on. A digital visual mock-up will also help you decide if the logo is big enough or small enough for particular needs.

5) Request a free embroidered or printed swatch fabric sample of your new logo

Once you have received your digital visual mock-up of how your logo will look on your garments your supplier should then supply you with a free sample of the logo. A digital visual is great for seeing how your logo will look but you really can’t beat seeing an actual sample of your printed or embroidered logo so that you can see and assess the thread colours used.

6) Review your logo swatch sample and then request a garment sample with your new logo applied

If you are happy with your new logo swatch sample your supplier should then offer you a free no obligation decorated garment sample. To help ensure you are 100% happy with how your logo looks we strongly advise that you ask your supplier for free garment samples as nothing beats seeing an actual garment with your logo on.  If you are not happy with the embroidered or printed sample don’t be afraid to go back to your supplier and ask for any amendments you want. A good supplier will really want to get your logo right and be sure you are super happy with the finished article.

7) Once your embroidered or printed garment sample is approved you can order your brand-new garments!

By following these 7 quick easy steps you will ensure that when your new garments arrive you are delighted with the colour of your logo, the position of your logo, how big your logo is and how your new logo sits on the garments you have ordered.

At Mister Uniform, we understand that every brand is unique. That's why we offer embroidery or printing on any of our garments, helping you decide what's the best fit for your brand. Our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your uniforms reflect the professionalism and quality that your brand stands for.

Located in Thornbury near Bristol, our brand-new operations facility is equipped with state-of-the-art warehousing, embroidery, and distribution centres, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of our products to our valued customers.

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